My Husband Made a Card! Kindred Stamps & Brutus Monroe

Pretty darn good isn’t it?!

I brought it up to my husband a few weeks ago that I thought it would be fun if he made a card and we posted it on my blog and YouTube channel. He agreed! I don’t think either of us realized how much fun we were going to have! And I think he did a really great job.

We are both huge horror movie fans and when I bought the Kindred Stamps The Horror stamp set, he loved it! We also used a few stamps from the Brutus Monroe Halloween Card Kit.

The idea for the card was all his – I just helped out with some of the technical guidance. I was impressed! I think he’s been paying more attention when I talk about my card making than I thought! Lol 😀

Please check out the video below!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed! I bet we could convince him to make some more cards in the future if you all were interested in seeing what he could come up with next!

Fall Card with Gilding Flakes and Aqua Pigments

Welcome back! Two videos in one day! I had the time today so I wanted to share this fall card I made using some items from the Brutus Monroe September 2019 Inspiration Box, along with some Aqua Pigments and Nuvo Gilding Flakes.

I think gilding flakes are BEAUTIFUL, but they are so messy! If you check out my video below, you’ll even see how they can be used as part of your manicure lol 🙂 ….I found that out by accident.

One of the things that I will recommend is that when using gilding flakes, use small amounts at a time for a nice thin layer. I used a handful and it was way messier than it needed to be. But, it still worked out in the end.

Here’s the video for more information!

Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoyed! ❤

Succulent Background Stamp Watercoloring

Brutus Monroe – Succulent Background Stamp

Welcome back! Thanks for joining me again – how awesome is this stamp?! I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to watercolor it. And using the Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigments are so much fun! Especially since there was a limited edition set for Halloween that came in little skull jars – so freakin’ cute!

I also used the Brutus Monroe Squeaky Clean Dispenser, but not for stamp cleaner as it is intended, but with plain water in it to help clean my brush in between colors. Thanks Kara for that tip! It is so nice, you can pump a little water up in to the top reservoir and use until dirty and then just sop it up with a towel. A couple pumps of the dispenser and your reservoir has clean water in it again!

Please check out my YouTube video below for more details!

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Happy Halloween! …Brutus Monroe Style

Hey everyone! I was so excited when my Trick or Treat Card Kit from Brutus Monroe came in the mail a couple days ago! Now, this is sold out (sorry!), but a lot of the pieces from the kit are still available for sale individually.

Check out those shimmery bats! Wondering how that happened with a stencil?! Well…the answer is with Chroma Glaze and Opal DecoFoil! Check out the video for more info:

If you interested in any of these products, check out the Brutus Monroe site!

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Thank you for stopping by today!

First YouTube Video! Brother Scan and Cut with Brutus Monroe Succulent Border

Thanks for joining me again on my blog! Today, I am so excited because I have put up my first YouTube video! I have had this Brutus Monroe Succulent Border stamp in my collection for a few weeks and knew that I wanted to make a coordinating cut file. I used my Brother Scan and Cut to create a file that will cut out a perfectly shaped and sized piece of paper for this image, including cutting out the center part!

This may look messy and probably seems like a lot of work, but once you do the process, you can save the file and never have to do it again for this stamp! This technique also works for other types of stamps too – basically, any stamp that when you turn it over outlines the part of the stamp that creates the image will work.

You will need to put the stamp, wrong side down, onto your paper and ink it up really well with black ink. Make sure you get all the edges of the lines you want to cut. After you stamp it, you can take a black marker and connect some of the lines where it didn’t completely stamp. You need to make sure that the edges around where you want to cut are completely solid. I also found out that to get the best scan and cut lines, you need to fill in all the white areas with black marker.

Check out my video below to see what I did on the Scan and Cut to finish creating this file:

There were some bumps along the way (thanks for hanging in there for my first video! I’m hoping to get better as I keep practicing!), but I loved the finished product and can’t wait to color this image! I plan on using the Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigments, and will post that when finished!

I have included cut files over on the YouTube video description for the Brother Scan and Cut as well as the Silhouette Cameo for this Succulent Border stamp – please enjoy! I haven’t yet figured out how to format to cut on other cutting machines.

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Thank you and see you again soon!