Create Your Own Ending Event – revisited…

Luggage tag included with our goodie bag

Hey! Thanks for coming back to my blog! I wanted to add a few more comments about the Brutus Monroe Create Your Own Ending Event – I was so long winded on my first post that I didn’t even make it to talking about the last day of the event!

Our last day of the event, we received a bottle of the new Squeaky Clean stamp cleaner in the limited edition, Sweet Pumpkin Spice scent – O. M. G. is this scent amazing – why not have a great stamp cleaner that fills your craft room with the sweet spicy goodness of fall?!! The supplies are limited, so if you want to grab yourself a bottle (or four), head over to the Brutus Monroe site now – once it is gone it’s gone! If you aren’t a member of their rewards program, check that out here, and sign up – you can get $10 off your first order, and points rack up quickly!

One of my favorite things we played with on our last day of the event were the Color Burst Watercolor Powders. So much fun! We each received two bottles of these in our Class box for the day – I originally had the Merlot and Solar Flare – but a sweet, sweet friend that I met at the event traded me for the Merlot so I ended up with a purple! Thanks DiDi! (have I mentioned how everyone at this event was so sweet and kind and a pleasure to meet and hang out with?!). I have had some color burst powders in my collection for a while now, and will admit that I hardly used them because I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with them. But I learned some techniques that I definitely will be continuing to practice here in the near future. I LOVED these tags that we made – what we did was sprinkle some color burst powder onto a dry tag, near the top. Then spray the pigments with water, lift up and let it drip down! Not only did it make beautiful drips down the page, but it also made some little speckles and splatters of color all over the background. LOVE.

Another technique we practiced with the Color Burst powders, was using it through a stencil. I absolutely loved the effects. You’ll need some cardstock, a stencil, some color burst powders and a spray bottle for this technique. First, you will lay your stencil down onto your paper (and it will work better if you spray your stencil with the ThermoWeb Pixie Spray first) and then drop some Color Burst powders onto your paper/stencil – do not squeeze the bottle! All you need is to gently shake or tap the bottom, if you squeeze, you will get way more powder than you bargained for! After you feel like you have enough powder on there, start spritzing! You will want to have another sheet of cardstock ready, because when you left up your stencil, you can then place it wet side down onto a new sheet of cardstock. I found it helpful to then get a paper towel and put over the stencil and blot up excess liquid while it is still on your cardstock. I think the effect from the second print was my favorite.

The print on the left is what I got from placing the stencil down on paper, putting some Color Burst powder on and spritzing it. The one on the right, is the print I got after pulling up the stencil from the first one and laying it wet side down on another sheet of cardstock and then blotting with a paper towel (while stencil is still in place). (I just realized that these two prints in the above picture are actually from two separate sessions, different colors!)

You can find all the products for these techniques (as well as the Sweet Pumpkin Spice Squeaky Clean!) over at the Brutus Monroe website, be sure to sign up for their rewards program if you haven’t yet! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get $10 off a $50 purchase by using this link and signing up!

Thanks for coming to hang out with me again! I think I am planning on a craft room tour coming up!